You have veered from the path . . . into the


There is very little evil in Gnome country, so do not be fraught.

A few tight-knit groups of Gnomes moved up past the clouds, high in the mountains. There they practice a type of martial arts which fuels their minds with wisdom past. Hindsight. This state of mind caused the Gnomes body (over a 300 year period) to stray from its genetic and mental bonds.

The Gnome-folk call these ones the "Outsiders" or "Wizards"

This Omni Hiker is au naturél!

. . . more wizards . . .

"-did this guy go to school with Gandalf?"

This outsider is apparently very comfortable with himself!

"Michael Jackson took dance lessons from the
Wise Man from the Willow." (rumor)

OK! this is it! This last carving was found in a Red Oak tree. It is a communal burial monument, erected during the Troll Wars of Kosovale in the Early Days.

This piece has been titled "Free Faces".


 -not so funny . . . how we have never fully developed Hindsight in our Human Species!

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-oh, yes, the Gnomes say "Thank You" to each and every one of you who practice sound Earthen Living!

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