You have wound your way through the thickets to a clearing in the


Here the Gnomes shall congregate, for in congregation, all civilization takes form.

Some of the Gnomes on this page have descendants from Norway. I can't understand their dialect, but they know how to tend a vegetable garden. There's nothin' I know works harder than a Gnome looking for a wife . . . show-offs!

Our first batch of batchelors!

I know some dude that looks like the one with the red hat!

. . . more batchelors . . .

"may I please set these dumb things down?"

This is a very highly respected Gnome Couple. Because of their reputation for bringing good luck, I like to direct them to the nearest newlyweds I can find.

"ahh yes, there's sure something fine about a Gnome-wife."
That is just what Jõn Basýl feels about Clöve.

-another grouping has been sighted. I captured this image one day when I arrived without warning from a 4-day vcation. What a party . . . !

-looks like a couple Genies in the bunch!


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