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This place where you will see Gnome Families and some of their functions".

You will NOT find "Orcs, Trolls or Wargs" on this site!

This page could grow . . . someday.

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Lookee here! -a Gnome and Gnome-wife demonstrating an ancient means of keeping time . . . predating the Chinese Water Clock by 22 years.

Notice how the Gnome-wife is providing drag throughout this operation.

The clock is white pine, with a very nice movement. (wanna buy a watch?)

This is cute . . . two kidz playing under a clock!

  • Unique carved numbers

  • Swell pine wooden case

  • Brass Movement Hands

  • more

Wow! Here are a coupla' chubs!

I believe this Gnome stands (unofficially) 18" high; quite large for Gnomes. His wife is no stoop either! I also believe these to be wrought from WIllow!

Here are the kidz again. They also are stereotyped as of the Amazonian Gene, standing floor-to-tip 'o hat, 10" and 12" respectively.

I'd love to see these kidz again . . .we picked blackberries and I taught them to yodel. If you see them, please tell them to give me a call. Thanx.

-seems like each page gets longer!

Ahhhh . . . here we have an entire family together . . . most likely on their way home from Sunday School or the hardware store.

That young Gnome-girl was so cute. She's most likely all grown up now, since this picture was taken in 1981! They apparently are of Poplar descent, adults standing 24" high.

I Love this one! It "mirrors" a sentiment I've often felt; waiting for the woman in the mirror.

Pure White Pine and a looking glass. . . refreshing!

(looks like she got stuck in a hula hoop!)

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