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Here is a place where you will see Gnomes "On-the-Job".

You will NOT find "Attack of the Y2K Gnome" on this site!

This page may ALSO grow!

Please linger a short (how short?) spell for pics to load . . .

Here is a Real set of Gnomes . . . keeping watch at a "Social Function". Notice their technique; 360 degree surveilance. Can't beat that!

These guys are carved from white pine, measuring 6" in height (approx.). Nary a Troll shall lurk whilst Gnomes stand at Guard.

Here we go! You would be amazed how these guys harness nature!

What a fun time it was; being of fortune to witness these people.

I wish I could have kept this one! It's not nice to horde Gnomes, so I must let them find their way. This Gnome taught me to cast and hammer-finish pewter spoons in return for his room-and-board.

I traced silhouettes of the Gnomes for which to make patterns. That was long ago and these items have been lost too many years and two too many moves ago . . . sigh.

What? Another cart?

Yikes! White pine on cherry . . . that cart is chestnut (American).

What's next?

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