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This nook is a place where you can experience the stem of my interest in gnomes. Additionally, you will find pics of Gnomes in Progress.

This page will grow!

Please linger a short spell for pics to load . . .

This 1st picture is proof of the true origins of Gnomes. . . .sure, you can "build" an inert Gnome out of clay or resin material(s), albeit, a true Gnome is entirely organic and natural in composition.

See my excavation tools? These are extremely fine Swiss wood-carving knives and gouges, designed specifically for removing the layers of wood entombing our friends, the Gnomes.

Below is my wife, Debra, Gnome guardian, reading the Wall Street Funnies! Nearby, in the foreground, find a small (no pun intended) group of Gnomes getting facials and manicures.

Most of the Gnomes here and on following pages have relocated to new (happy) homes during a prosperous time in Gnome History. I will provide this home finding service for future Gnomes as well. If you find yourself needing a Gnome . . . in virtually any setting or activity (except the na-na-nu), contact me and we'll find something real nice..


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