This is the Beginning of the


Welcome to My Virtual Showcase.

My name is Robert Tatters. . . and I find Gnomes. I've found them in many places, though a Pennsylvania sawmill was my favorite place to discover them.
-'tis a bit like mining!
Something most folks do not realize, is that Gnomes reside in nearly every chunk of wood . . . how they get in there is a total mystery to me.

Please take a look at the 'latest' Gnomes I've had the pleasure of meeting.

This guy is ready to fish. Get me to the water!

Its a Gnome Mekanic! A great Gnome to counter 'Tinker Gremlins'.

-young Gnomes gotta-gotta-get down!

Its time I posted this one!

I'll play - will you drink to that?

Mid-Life Gnomes! -too sweet!

Ropke! -a Gnome with Attidude!

-a Poplar Gnome of old, Tu Lip is.

-a timelely Knome Kayaking Kruise thru Oak Canyon Falls.

Willam and Gninja Dare. -need I say more?

Happy Gnome Wedding Day

-ooh. I love finding Gnomes in Figured Oak! Henlopen Lighthouse.

Gnome Hiker. Hike over to the links at left.

Please find more Gnomes & Carvings: -visit Gnomenclature

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I believe the reason I "find" these Gnomes is Great Luck and Too-Little Sleep!
- Robert Rede Tatters -

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